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The Excorcist Signed Video by William Blatty

SALE ITEM. A brand new (sealed) special edition video hand signed by WILLIAM PETER BLATTY who wrote and produced this cult horror film. Rare signature.
N/A 20.00

Kate Beckinsale PEARL HARBOUR Signed photograph

N/A 25.00

Neve Campbell Hand Signed SCREAM Promo Photo

Don't answer the phone! This is a great photo of the teen horror flick 'Scream' and has been signed by the gorgeous Neve Campbell.
N/A 25.00

Danni Minogue HAND SIGNED CD Single X FACTOR

Beautifully signed mint condition CD Single HAND SIGNED by the prettiest Minogue sister and now X Factor Judge. Would look superb framed.

EMBRACE - Rare HAND SIGNED Ashes CD Single by all 5

Signed by the entire band including frontman Danny Mcnamara. GREAT PRICE.
N/A 25.00

Doug Bradley HAND SIGNED Photograph as PINHEAD from Hellraiser

From our private signing with Doug Bradley. See PROOF Photo.


N/A 25.00

Neil & Adrian Rayment HAND SIGNED Matrix Twins Photograph MATRIX REVISITED

From our private signing with the Rayment Twins.
N/A 25.00

Catherine Bach DUKES OF HAZARD Signed Photograph

Red hot photo as DAISY DUKE in the Dukes of Hazard. If your between 28-36 (and male of course) then the chances are you had a major crush on this beauty as a youngster and probably still do! Signed beautifully by Bach who has added Daisy Duke and lots of kisses to her signature. One for the wall lads?
N/A 30.00

Claudia Schiffer HAND SIGNED Sexy Photograph & Mount

Phew! Red hot and signed in person by the beautiful Claudia.
N/A 30.00

Michelle Ryan SUPER SEXY BIONIC WOMAN Hand Signed Photograph

Sizzling photo of the gorgeous former Eastenders star, Bond Girl and BIONIC WOMAN hand signed by Michelle in person.

Ricky Tomlinson Hand Signed Royle Family mount

Jim Royle aka Ricky Tomlinson was the iconic comedy star of 'The Royle Family'. This autograph was signed in person at a recent book signing. Ricky has signed with his catchphrase 'My Arse!'
N/A 30.00

John Travolta HAND SIGNED Promotional Photograph GREASE

N/A 30.00

Ricky Gervais HAND SIGNED Promotional Photograph from THE OFFICE

N/A 30.00

Ioan Gruffudd HAND SIGNED Photograph as Sir Lancelot from KING ARTHUR

N/A 30.00

Anna Friel HAND SIGNED Super Sexy Photograph & Mount

Signed in person by the beautiful Anna Friel.
N/A 30.00

Christopher Walken Signed Mount from SLEEPY HOLLOW

Brilliant still image of Walken as the 'Headless Horseman' in cult movie Sleepy Hollow. Walken is one of the legends with unforgettables roles in films such as True Romance & Deer Hunter. Beautifully mounted with a signed card by Walken.
N/A 35.00

Billy Boyd HAND SIGNED Pippin Lord Of the Rings photograph

UR-MyHero asked Billy if he would inscribe this photo with one of his favourite lines from the film, he was delighted and has signed and inscribed - Dont Touch it Merry! referring to the ring! He described to us the filming of LOTR as magical and and added he would not have changed it for the world!
N/A 35.00

Jonathon Rhys-Davies as Gimili Hand Signed LORD OF THE RINGS Photo

When UR-MyHero asked Jonathon for his favourite line from the LOTR film, he quipped it was from the director 'Cut!'. Having thought about it his favourite line and scene he decide on when the Fellowship of the Ring was formed and Gimili stood to his feet and growled 'and MY AXE!!'. This photo has been inscribed with this line!
N/A 35.00

Bruce Hopkins HAND SIGNED Gamling Lord of the Rings 10x8 Photograph

From our PRIVATE SIGNING with Bruce Hopkins. URMyHero asked Bruce what was his favourite line from the LOTR he replied - Your men will follow you to whatever end - and kindly inscribed the photo with this line.
N/A 35.00

Linda Blair Hand Signed EXCORCIST photograph

A chilling photograph as the little girl possessed by demons in 'The Exorcist'. Are you brave enough to put this on your wall?
N/A 35.00

Robin Wright Penn HAND SIGNED Forrest Gump Photograph.

A stunning and rare piece of Forrest Gump memorabilia personally signed by Robin Wright-Penn. The only girl Forrest ever loved, his Jenny.
N/A 35.00

Julianne Moore HAND SIGNED Hannibal Photograph & Mount SILENCE OF THE LAMBS TRILOGY

Superbly signed by Julianne in our Presence.
N/A 35.00

Colin Baker / Dr Who Signed Photograph

Great nostalgic photograph of Baker who was Dr Who number 6 signed during a signing session with the big man. Signed with a nice message from Baker. Brilliant for Dr Who fans.
N/A 35.00

Owen Wilson HAND SIGNED Photograph from BEHIND ENEMY LINES

N/A 35.00

Courtney Cox HAND SIGNED Super Sexy FRIENDS Photograph & Signature

Signed in person by the gorgeous FRIENDS actress.
N/A 35.00

Ben Stiller HAND SIGNED Photograph from MEET THE PARENTS

N/A 35.00

Clive Owen HAND SIGNED Photograph from KING ARTHUR

Superb action photo of Owen as King Arthur personally signed by Clive Owen. Superb Price includes p&p.
N/A 35.00

Courtney Cox HAND SIGNED Super Sexy FRIENDS Photograph & Signature 2

Signed in person by the gorgeous FRIENDS actress.
N/A 35.00

Barbara Windsor HAND SIGNED Cult CARRY ON DOCTORS Sexy Photograph

N/A 35.00

Sir Ian Holm HAND SIGNED Photograph of hobbit BILBO BAGGINS from LORD OF THE RINGS

N/A 35.00

Michael Caine HAND SIGNED Austin Powers GOLDMEMBER Photograph

N/A 35.00

Robert Wagner HAND SIGNED Austin Powers GOLDMEMBER Photograph

Brilliantly signed by Wagner who has also added the words BEHAVE BABY to his signature.
N/A 35.00

Benicio Del Torro HAND SIGNED Photograph from TRAFFIC

N/A 35.00

Adam Sandler HAND SIGNED Big Daddy Photograph

Great picture personally HAND SIGNED by Adam Sandler. Great price!
N/A 35.00

Ralph Fiennes Hand Signed ENGLISH PATIENT photograph

Ralph Fiennes signed 10 x 8 photo taken from The English Patient. Ralph stars in this Oscar winning film as the pilot who is nursed by Juliette Binoche, until his painful death. Signed in person by Ralph whilst performing in IBSENS Brand at the Swan theatre in Stratford. A must have item for this superstar British actor.
N/A 40.00

Ray Park Hand Signed STAR WARS Darth Maul photo

N/A 40.00

Michael Dorn Hand Signed STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION photo

N/A 40.00

Matt Damon signed SAVING PRIVATE RYAN photo

Brilliant mounted piece showing Damon as Private Ryan in 'Saving Private Ryan'. Fantastic item from classic War Film.
N/A 40.00

Gillian Anderson HAND SIGNED Photograph as Scully from THE X FILES

N/A 40.00

George Takei HAND SIGNED Vintage Original STAR TREK Photograph

N/A 40.00

Nancy Cartwright HAND SIGNED Ralph Wiggum Promo Photograph THE SIMPSONS

N/A 40.00

Dido HAND SIGNED Superb Sexy Promotional Photograph

N/A 40.00


Rare promo 10x8 photo signed personally by Lucy with her full unrushed signature.
N/A 40.00

Kate Winslet HAND SIGNED Super Sexy Photograph & Signature Mount

Signed in person by the award winning star of Titanic.....very hot!
N/A 40.00

Pierce Brosnan Hand Signed James Bond 007 Photograph

In our opinion one of the best Bonds ever......this is a stunning action shot as 007 from one of Brosnans stints as the British secret agent. Signed in full by Brosnan beautifully. You wont be shaken but you will be stirred!
N/A 45.00

Drew Barrymore Signed '50 FIRST DATES' Photograph

Lovely photo of the very cute Barrymore from the hilarious comedy 50 First Dates. Signed in her usual DB and a heart signature. Nice item.
N/A 45.00

Andy Serkis Gollum Hand Signed LORD OF THE RINGS photograph

This superb 10x8 Photograph has been personally HAND SIGNED by the voice of Gollum, Andy Serkis at the launch of his book Gollum - How we made movie magic. You wont find a better genuine signed Gollum photo than this.
N/A 45.00

Peter Mayhew Large 20x12 inch HAND SIGNED Star Wars Photograph CHEWBACCA

Awesome 20x12 inch special edition photograph as Chewbacca! This is a stunning item that was signed in person in April 2000.

Christian Slater signed YOUNG GUNS photograph

Stunning 10x8 inch photo of slater as Dave Arkansas Rudibold from the cult western classic Young Guns 2. This has been superbly over mounted ready to frame.
N/A 45.00

Lou Ferringo Hand Signed INCREDIBLE HULK photograph

From our PRIVATE SIGNING With Lou Ferrigno.
N/A 45.00

David Walliams & Matt Lucas HAND SIGNED Little Britain 12x8 Photographs VICKY POLLARD

Personally hand signed by Matt Lucas & David Walliams (not an easy autograph to get).

Richard Griffiths & Fiona Shaw HAND SIGNED Harry Potter Promotional Photographs

These superb promotional 7x5 photographs or Vernon & Petunia Dursley (Harry's mean uncle & aunt) have been PERSONALLY SIGNED by each of Fiona Shaw and the late but great Richard Griffiths.

Dustin Hoffman HAND SIGNED Outbreak Photograph

N/A 45.00

Sharon Stone HAND SIGNED Super Sexy Photograph of BASIC INSTINCT Babe

Very Rare Full signature of Sharon Stone signed in person by her.
N/A 45.00

Antonio Banderas HAND SIGNED Desperado Photograph

One for the ladies? This has been superbly HAND SIGNED by Antonio in our presence and comes with our money back guarantee COA.
N/A 48.00

Roger Lloyd Pack HAND SIGNED Trigger Only Fools and Horses Photograph

A stunning signed and mounted piece of the legendary trigger personally signed by the late roger Lloyd Pack. Great Item...Classic Image.
N/A 50.00

Kate Winslet HAND SIGNED Sexy wind swept Photograph from TITANIC

N/A 50.00

Hellraiser HAND SIGNED Villains Cast Photo BRADLEY, BAMFORD & VINCE

This superb HELLRAISER photograph depicting the three villains of this cult hooror movie has been beautifully HAND SIGNED in person by all three....DOUG BRADLEY (Pinhead), SIMON BAMFORD (Butterball) and NICHOLAS VINCE. The Ultimate Hellraiser movie memorabilia. See PROOF Photo.

Nancy Cartwright HAND SIGNED Bart Simpson Promo Photograph THE SIMPSONS

N/A 50.00

Cher HAND SIGNED Promotional Photograph of Music Legend

N/A 50.00

Michael Gambon HAND SIGNED Dumbledorf from HARRY POTTER Photograph

We have several other Signed Photos of Michael Gambon from Harry Potter from our Signing with him...all are 50....ASK FOR DETAILS.
N/A 50.00

Viggo Mortensen & Miranda Otto HAND SIGNED Lord of the Rings Photograph ARAGORN

Very rare dual signed photograph.
N/A 50.00

Billy Dee Williams HAND SIGNED Original Star Wars Photograph of LANDO.

N/A 50.00

Sir Ian Mckellen X-Men HAND SIGNED MAGNETO Photograph Signature & Mount

Signed beautifully by Ian in our presence
N/A 55.00

Sir Ian McKellen Hand Signed LORD OF THE RINGS photo GANDALF

N/A 55.00

STAR WARS Large Film Promo Signed by Darth Vader, R2D2 and Boba Fett

The men behind the masks, Dave Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch & Kenny Baker signed this great item at our PRIVATE SIGNING SESSION with the guys.

Only Fools & Horses HAND SIGNED Cast Photograph BOYCIE, MARLENE & SID

Great image from the greatest comedy of all time HAND SIGNED in person by the late ROY HEATHER (Sid), JOHN CHALLIS (Boycie) and SUE HOLDERNESS (Marlene). Luvvly Jubbly!
N/A 55.00

Andrew Sachs Hilarious HAND SIGNED SCRIPT on Classic Fawlty Towers Photograph of Manuel

OLE! For Fawlty Towers fans this is as good as it gets....a hilarious ORIGINAL press Photo of Andrew Sachs as Manuel from the Classic comedy Fawlty Towers. He has wriiten an essay on this...besides signing the photo Hello from Andrew Sachs and OLe from Manuel he has also hilariously written NO I NO WANT HARE IN MY SOUP.
N/A 59.99

George Lazenby SIGNED James Bond 007 Montage

N/A 60.00


SALE ITEM. A Great Price for this very rare promotional cast photograph from this classic animated film signed by FOUR Hollywood Greats.
N/A 60.00

Sean Astin and Elijah Wood Hand Signed LORD OF THE RINGS Photo

Another of our rare dual signed Lord of the Rings Photo's and its a real beauty. A great action shot of the brave little hobbitts FRODO & SAM trying to save middle earth! Wonderfully signed by both Elijah Wood (frodo) & Sean Astin (Sam), it is really difficult to get these items signed by both actors so dont miss out.
N/A 65.00

Viggo Mortenson and Orlando Bloom Hand Signed LORD OF THE RINGS Photo

Awesome action scene photo from the Lord of the Rings trilogy of ARAGORN & LEGOLAS signed by both men. Demand for these, in particular Bloom, is massive so grab this before its gone. It is very difficult to get photo's signed by both actors. Dont miss out!
N/A 65.00

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Multi Signed Cast Photo

A lovely Cinema lobby photo of this hilarious comedy signed by most of the cast including lead roles NIA VARDALOS, JOHN CORBETT,LANI KAZAN, MICHAEL CONSTANTINE & GIA GAREDES. A big fat signed slice of the movie, catch it while you can.
N/A 65.00

Brian May / Queen Hand Signed Photograph RARE

Great promotional Photo for the Back to the Light album beautifully hand signed by the legendary Queen guitarist. A Very difficult signature to obtain now.
N/A 65.00

Brad Pitt HAND SIGNED Photograph as Achilles from TROY.

Superb action photo HAND SIGNED in person by Brad Pitt.
N/A 65.00

Brad Pitt HAND SIGNED Mr & Mrs Smith Photograph

N/A 65.00

The Moody Blues HAND SIGNED Group Photograph from 1960s

Very Rare Signed Photo of The Moody Blues signed by lead singer JUSTIN HAYWARD (very rare) aswell as both Ray and Graham.
N/A 65.00

Jack Nicholson HAND SIGNED Photograph from THE SHINING

Heres Johnny!!!!....One of the most recognisable scenes in cinema history, Jack Nicholson in his most acclaimed and disturbing role. It has been beautifully HAND SIGNED in person by Jack Nicholson and is simply a stunning item of cinema memorabilia. This will make someone very happy!
N/A 70.00

Only Fools and Horses Cast Signed Photo TRIGGER BOYCIE MARLENE

Great Cast Photo from the greatest ever British comedy signed in person by JOHN CHALLIS (Boycie), the late ROGER LLOYD-PACK (Trigger) and SUE HOLDERNESS (Marlene). Luvvly Jubbly!
N/A 75.00


A stunning re-production photograph of the classic 'Mulder & Scully in bed' Rolling Stone Magazine Cover signed by both DAVID DUCHOVNY (Mulder) & GILLIAN ANDERSON (Scully) in blue marker. A very rare item and a must for fans of the show.
N/A 75.00

Desmond LLewellyn James Bonds 'Q' Hand Signed Tribute Piece

Sadly now deceased, LLewellyn will be forever remembered as James Bonds mentor 'Q'. LLewellyn appears in more Bond Movies than any other actor. He is shown here with Pierce Brosnan and we have mounted this tribute piece with LLewellyns now very rare signature on a postcard from one of his performances with Brosnan. A rarity & a must for 007 fans.
N/A 75.00

Robert Redford HAND SIGNED Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid PHOTOGRAPH & MOUNT

A very rare signature that is one of the hardest stars to obtain in genuine form in the whole of Hollywood. It has been beautifully mounted together with a full 10x8 inch promotional photo from what is still widely regarded as both Redford & Newmans greatest film and probably still the best Western ever made.
N/A 75.00

Tom Hanks Hand Signed APOLLO 13 Promo Photograph

One of the biggest actors of all time in one of the best films of all time (Apollo 13). Items of this quality are rare so don't miss this one that Tom signed for UR-MyHero! Promotional SALE Item.
N/A 75.00

Tom Hardy Rare Hand Signed STAR TREK NEMESIS Original Poster NOT PHOTOGRAPH

Another Star Trek exclusive! Tom signed this great Nemesis poster for us at a private signing in April 2003. He is Capt. Picards Nemesis in the final journey for the next Generation crew!
N/A 75.00

Ronnie Barker Rare HAND SIGNED Open All Hours Montage

The Two Ronnies, Open All Hours and Porridge established Ronnie Barker as one of the funniest men on TV for two decades and earnt him the nickname of the Guvnor. Sadly Barker is deceased and this is a very rare and collectible signature at a GREAT price. This classic Open All Hours photo has been mounted with his genuine HAND SIGNED signature.
N/A 75.00

Jennifer Lopez JLO Hand Signed Super Sexy Concert Photograph

As good as it gets....JLO is a notoriously difficult signature to obtain so to get one with her FULL unrushed signature signed Best Wishes is very rare. A must have for fans!!
N/A 75.00

Christian Bale HAND SIGNED 10x8 3:10 to Yuma Photograph with EXACT PHOTO PROOF

A superb signed genuine 10x8 inch photograph PERSONALLY HAND SIGNED by the legendary Christian Bale with EXACT photographic PROOF of him signing this stunning photograph. You cannot get better proof than actual pen on EXACT photo proof. Don't miss this, we have only one!

Cilla Black HAND SIGNED Classic 12x8 Photograph with EXACT PROOF Beatles

A superb signed genuine 12x8 inch photograph PERSONALLY HAND SIGNED by the legendary and sadly deceased Cilla Black with EXACT photographic PROOF of her signing this beautiful photograph.

Daniel Radcliffe HAND SIGNED Harry Potter Photograph

Signed in person by Daniel as a younger Harry Potter. Great Price includes p&p.
N/A 80.00

Open All Hours - Ronnie Barker & Linda Baron HAND SIGNED Montage

Stunning montage celebrating this wonderful British comedy containing a classic image of Arkwright (Barker) and Nurse Gladys Emmanuel (Baron) outside Arkwrights store together with a HAND SIGNED promo photo of both actors. G-G-G-Great Item for fans.
N/A 80.00


This is just awesome.......A beautiful Montage of rare cinema photographs from this quite brilliant movie with the genuine HAND SIGNED signatures of the three leading men including the reclusive Ed Harris. You will never see a better piece of signed memorabilia relating to this film on the marketplace and thats a guarantee!
N/A 80.00

Phil Collins HAND SIGNED Official Promotional Photograph GENESIS

N/A 80.00

Charles Bronson HAND SIGNED Death Wish Photograph VERY RARE

An extremely rare and superb HAND SIGNED photo from Deathwish of deceased actor Charles Bronson. The only one we have! Very Rare genuine signature indeed.
N/A 80.00

Val Kilmer Hand Signed Top Gun DVD from Our Signing With Val Kilmer

One of the films of the 80's Top Gun. Val played Iceman who was the rival pilot to Tom Cruises character Maverick This DVD has been hand signed in person by Val at our signing with him at the Royal Court Hotel in featured in local press.
N/A 85.00


N/A 85.00

James Doohan Hand Signed STAR TREK Photograph RARE

A Science Fiction legend who has sadly passed away recently. This iconic image of Doohan as the legendary Scotty is wonderful and has been signed by Doohan in full. A must for Star Trek fans and an item that will rocket in value over the years. Beam me up Scotty!
N/A 90.00

Leonard Nimoy aka Mr.Spock STAR TREK Hand Signed photo

Live Long and Prosperous! This is a fabulous collectors item for any Trekkies out there. Nimoy is an icon and a legend as the immortal Mr Spock in the hugely popular television show that later exploded onto the big screen as a series of six feature films. Nimoys portrayal of the Vulcan, Spock, earned him three Emmy nominations. A must have piece of memorabilia for all Sci-Fi fans.
N/A 95.00

Angelina Jolie Sexy Tombraider HAND SIGNED Photo Mount

Sizzlingly Sexy Photograph of Jolie as LARA CROFT from the Tombraider films. It has been proffessionly mounted with the genuine in person signature of Angelina Jolie....quite possibly the sexiest woman on the planet!
N/A 95.00

DALLAS - Larry Hagman & Patrick Duffy HAND SIGNED Photograph & Mount of JR & Bobby.

A superb and VERY Rare and collectible set of GENUINE autographs of Duffy and the sadly deceased Larry Hagman. You will not find a better piece of Dallas memorabilia than this!
N/A 95.00

Jim Carrey HAND SIGNED Photograph from BRUCE ALMIGHTY

N/A 95.00

THE LION KING - Montage HAND SIGNED by Jeremy Irons, Matthew Broderick, Robert Guillame & Ernie Sabella DISNEY

Stunning montage celebrating this wonderful walt Disney Animated Classic. It contains the genuine HAND SIGNED Signatures of Sabella (Pumbaa), Broderick (Simba), Guillame (Rafikki) and Irons (Scar). A wonderful and very rare set of signatures.
N/A 115.00

Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint HAND SIGNED Harry Potter & Ron Weasley Mounted Cinematic Photograph RARE

This stunning photo is HAND SIGNED by BOTH stars and is simply Magic! Great Price includes p&p.
N/A 125.00

Jim Henson Rare Hand Signed Photograph of MUPPETS Creator

This is simply brilliant and one of our favourite (and rarest) items in stock. A beautiful framed photograph of the deceased creator of the Muppets & Sesame Street...JIM HENSON. This great image shows Henson surronded by his creations and he has signed it beautifully in marker pen. A very rare signature with huge investment potential.
N/A 145.00

Sir George Martin HAND SIGNED Beatles Manager Official Promotional Photograph VERY RARE Beatlemania

N/A 145.00

Dennis Hopper HAND SIGNED Easy Rider 12x8 Photograph VERY RARE

Personally signed in gold sharpie by the sadly deceased (2010) Legendary Dennis Hopper. We have only this one item of Hopper.
MORE PICS 150.00

Sir George Martin signed Beatles Photograph Montage BEATLEMANIA

Another superb piece of Beatles memorabilia. Sir George Martin was the man who discovered The Beatles and turned them into a global phenomenon. This excellent genuine HAND SIGNED autograph has been mounted with his young prodigies. A brilliant piece of Music Memorabilia.
N/A 165.00

Brittany Murphy Sexy HAND SIGNED 8 mile (Eminem) Mounted Photograph

Brittany Murphys portrayal of Alicia Silverstones friend Tai in CLUELESS brought her to the attention of moviegoers. Since then, shes gone on to star opposite Eminem in 8 MILE and is famous for her ...I'll never tell... line from ...Don't Say a Word... with Michael Douglas. This is an extremely rare item that has been beautifully signed by the gorgeous but tragic actress.
N/A 175.00

Steven Spielberg HAND SIGNED ET photograph signature & mount RARE

Quite simply a filmmaking legend, E.T, Jaws, Saving private Ryan, Schindlers List, Minority Report, Jurassic Park...... the list is endless!
N/A 195.00

Roger Moore Large SIGNED James Bond 007 Montage

Stunning and HUGE Montage of Roger Moore as James Bond 007. The montage contains a 10x8 inch Hand Signed photo of Moore as Bond aswell as promotional postcards of EVERY Bond film in which Roger Moore was 007. Roger Moore is sadly now deceased and this is the ultimate Roger Moore Bond memorabilia!
N/A 195.00

Steven Spielberg HAND SIGNED Jaws 10x8 Photograph

An extremely rare genuine signature to obtain - this is a stunning 10x8 Jaws mini-poster photograph personally HAND SIGNED by one of the most important and inspirational men in Movie history - Steven Spielberg. It was signed by him in our presence and is guaranteed to pass any third party authentication. See proof pic. This is a serious investment piece - get it before the price rises dramatically.
MORE PICS 195.00

Tom Hanks & Michael Clarke Duncan THE GEEN MILE Signed Montage

TOM HANKS stars as the Death Row head guard who relates in flashback a mystical account about his tour of duty at Cold Mountain Penitentiary. MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN, in his first starring role, plays a massive, seven-foot inmate convicted of brutally murdering two young girls. Sadly he is now deceased making this a VERY RARE personally signed signature of his. The Tom Hanks genuine Hand Signed signature is a very scarce FULL signature as opposed to his new signature which is very brief. The photos and signatures are memorabilia at it's best.
N/A 225.00

Coldplay Rare Fully Hand Signed Original Yellow Promo Card

Yellow sold millions in Europe and America and established Coldplay as one of the top bands in the UK. This sheet music has been signed by all of the bandmembers including Chris Martin, Will Champion, Guy Berryman and Jonny Buckland. To quote a lyric from Coldplay Give me real, dont give me fake - Politik.
N/A 250.00

Ringo Starr HAND SIGNED Beatles Drummer Photograph BEATLEMANIA Very Rare

A very very rare and desirable FULL Signature of the Beatles Legend on a superb black and white PROMO photograph. We have seen these sell for over 500!!! Price includes full insured p&p.
N/A 295.00


Don't forget that UrMyHero can also source autographs that are not on our web site. If you would like a custom autograph please send us a message via the contact us page stating which autograph you would like and we'll do our best to find it.